Color changing resin "Elephantos" figures

Daniel aka turboPISTOLA has been riding high on his last release of his awesome resin figures titled "ELEPHANTOS"... and rightfully so because not only did they sell out, but they turned out amazing! Well, he just announced the second run of these little bruisers and they include a lite twist! There are 7 figures total, each one is $25... now here is the kicker... they are cast from resin that changes colors in sunlight... AWESOME!!!! Each one is its own edition of one that will never be recreated, as well as the rad resin character, each figure comes in a 3″ x 3″ box made from recycled postage material and blockprinted with a lino cut... all of this for just $25! Head on over HERE now, as they just went live and I don't foresee them lasting too long!

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