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“Jellyface loves Finland”... no really they do, and that's the name of thier solo show!

So check this out, the folks over at Jellyface launched a solo exhibition titled “Jellyface loves Finland” at the Fiskars Village Artist in Residence on December 2nd, and is running until the 23rd! Along with some old characters, they also have on display a ton of new ones including: "Jellystone", "Jellyworm", "Jellytangle" "Deer" and some "Foetuses". All these new characters plus Jellymussell (SDCC 2011) will be available in January 2012 at the Jellyface online shop. These are some seriously cool looking plush figures... and if you have a chance to see them in person, better yet, buy one... you will see that they are quality! One of the things I like about the exhibit is the way that all of trhem were displayed... all strune about, lumped up in piles... something about seeing them in mass quantities really gets me going.

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