OMFG! Series 1 exclusive colorways

The OMFG! Kickstarter mini-figure set is in full effect and today we are getting a look at the 4 exclusive colors that were purchased by different companies and organizations! According to George of October Toys "All the pictures with color strips are direct from the factory, so the quality of the pics don't do justice to the colors in person! They are even more vibrant and great!"

First to back the exclusive color pledge is LittleRubberGuys who picked a radiant bright Green (pms 802-2X). These are available for PRE-ORDER right now HERE!

Next up is Rotofugi who chose a really great looking vibrant Blue (pms 312c). These will be available in person at their Chicago store and via their website HERE very soon! We will notify you all as soon as they are available!

Up next is the University of M.U.S.C.L.E. who chose a really great looking bright Yellow (pms 1235c). You can actually snatch these up HERE right now for pre-order... and my goodness are all of these a great deal!

And finally the Onell Design colorway which is a "Pheyden" Blue (pms 550c). These will invade the Glyos System this Friday, November 25th at 9PM EST... so don't forget to hit up their site HERE. Oh, and as you are all very aware, if you are seeing these figures the exclusive Kickstarter sets should be on their way shortly as well... so start counting the days :-)

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