Designer-Con 2011: Troy Stith's "Miscreants"

We told you in our last post HERE about Troy Stith that he had a new round of his Miscreants that were going to be available at Designer-Con... and above is just a taste! All of the Miscreants will be available at the Toypinionated booth #412. The small (Retromin Hybrid 80, Hematcysis, Carbatitis, and Aquasantosis) Miscreants are $25 a piece and the two larger (Pilaboilpus & Anphibateamis) Miscreants are $35 a piece. Troy has definitely perfected these since we last saw them, and most notably the paint on this round is really nice and clean... he's getting that airbrushing down :-) Hit the jump for full pictures and bios of each creation!

Strain: Retromin Hybrid 80
Symptoms: Hair follicles secrete a hardening substance that increases size. Patient feels the urge to wear brightly colored clothing and engage in mindless babble. Bodily gyration coupled with constant sniffing result of daily memory loss and repetitious behaviors.

Strain: Pilaboilpus
Symptoms: Bumps appear in large clusters in the creases of the skin causing redness, swelling and extreme discomfort. Clusters begin to merge as one pus filled boil eventually spreading over the entire body.

Strain: Hematcysis
Symptoms: Violent and erratic loss of muscle control causing patient to inflict wounds upon themselves. Large contusions appear as massive amounts of blood pools in the soft tissue. Results in extreme discoloration and permanent disfigurement.

Strain: Carbatitis
Symptoms: Found in extremely active patients. Metabolic system becomes highly overactive. Patient experiences accelerated caloric burning resulting in the body using organs for energy. Contracted through sweat gland secretions.

Strain: Aquasantosis
Classified: Communicable
Symptoms: Bloating progressing to extreme swelling of skin due to water retention. Skin turns a deep bluish green. Bones begin to soften eventually turning into a liquid like substance that can no longer support the patient’s body weight.

Strain: Anphibateamis(pictured at the top)
Symptoms: Large scaly patches form in the lungs. Tongue elongates from mouth and thick white mucus appears. Tips of phalanges excrete a clear sticky substance. Eyes protrude from sockets and become glazed and sensitive to light.

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