'Catball Eats It All' is now available to download!

The time is finally here folks, after what seems like months and months of preparation and planing, artist NoseGo's iPhone/iPod game titled "Catball Eats It All" is now available to download via the app store HERE! This game is a high-speed platform game where players guide the adorable 'Catball' character on his quest to EAT IT ALL. It features incredible hand-drawn graffiti artwork -- players roll the feline around, eating and growing to epic proportions. To avoid your arch nemesis 'Dogwall', you’ll gobble up the entire world! The game uses an intuitive two-touch control scheme to zip, float and fly around the worlds. Catball and his psychedelic surroundings pop off the screen, each hand drawn by Philadelphia graffiti artist NoseGo. It's so great to see this finally come to fruition... so go download this game HERE, and you will be supporting an artist in doing so!

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