NYCC 2011: Polyoptics

A great thing about hitting up NYCC, or any convention for that matter is that you always run into an unknown company/product that you become pleasantly surprised with... and that was the case with Polyoptics! This new company run by Brian A. all started out with a love, and business mind in the 3D art/ visual fx realm... which translated into the few figures that he had on display at his booth!

As you can see above, this really cool video recaps his experience at the convention where he had on display some interesting looking characters which included "HeartSqueeze", a run of 50 resin figures based on one of Brian's favorite original designs "RadarFox" which was based on an animated character and was in 3D printed form for NYCC, and "SpaceCows", more like B-boy cows in space, which was another 3D printed prototype for NYCC! It was really cool to see Brian's enthusiasm for the designer toy scene and it will be great to see what he comes up with next! Hit up his online store HERE to snag up the remaining pieces, and be sure to hit the jump to see more photos that both myself, and Brian took!

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