NYCC 2011: Nemo @ Tenacious Toys

Going to NYCC 2011 served two purposes for me... the first was to get on the spot coverage for SS.com, and the second was to finally meet up with people I have been in contact for years... and I finally had the pleasure to shake my man Nemo's hand! This dude is a super talent in the designer toy industry, sculpting and customizing some of the coolest pieces out there... and he had a ton on display at the Tenacious Toys booth... which was a treat to see them all in person, and I especially like the custom sculpted on spray cans... EPIC! We also had the opportunity to talk a little shop, but I really wish I had more time to hang and chat! Hit the jump for more pictures of Nemo's pieces up close and personal! It was a pleasure dude, and keep up the stellar work!

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