MAD x Kidrobot - Bent World Spray Can Mini Series

Oh man... MAD needs to quit making toys because I am going broke :-) He has been teasing images HERE of this upcoming series, one that frankly flew under the radar, but now Kidrobot has finally announced the official release of this cool new blind box mini series. Inspired by his sold-out 2007 Bent World Vandals Series, Spray Cans are here with a total of 16 designs and each can comes in two versions "NEW" and "USED"... where the used have placed tags from MAD, kaNO, Marka27, Jesse Hernandez, Scribe, Pon, Brunson and Sket One. Each 2" figure features a removable cap, articulating arms, and makes the telltale metallic rattle noise when shaken. Bent World Spray Cans drop from Kidrobot on November 3 for just $7.95 per blind-box!

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