*REVIEW* Alex Pardee's “Awful/Resilient” book

I hope you are all ready for another LIVE review posted up here on SS.com because I am stoked to be bringing you my opinion on Alex Pardee's amazing new book titled “Awful / Resilient.”! I had the opportunity to sit down and flip through these pages on, and off, the camera and just gotta say that this book is the juice! The book features 172 pages, over 250 illustrations of disturbing monsters, graphic scenes, and everything you can come to expect from the mind of Alex! It measures 8.5″ x 11″ and has some seriously cool illustrations, drawings, paintings that not only fill up many pages, but span across the spread of the book as well so you can really appreciate the work that Alex does!

In the above video review we touch on a few pages, as we don't want to spoil the entire thing for you, but would totally recommend grabbing this book up! It's a great catalog of Alex's work over the past few years, and after reading through it I look forward to the next edition! You can snag up a copy of this HERE via UpperPlayground for only $30, or you can visit the Zero Friends site HERE for the same price above... the only difference is that this will come signed by Alex (kinda a no brainer)... so snag up a copy and freak out your friends!

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