Cometdebris new figure... "Sametan" the shark!!!

So there were teasers floating around the web the past few weeks, circling the rumor that Cometdebris was creating an new vinyl figure... and today just announced was this very figure dubbed "Sametan"! Pronounced 'saw-meh-tahn' this shark like humanoid figure was designed by Koji Harmon, and sculpted by the talented Kiyoka Ikeda. Sametan stands about 4.5" tall and is made in luscious Japanese Sofubi! Now this figure has a much deeper meaning than most others as stated on their site "With reconnected fins, shoes, jeans, and a fancy spade belt buckle, Sametan is here to help spread the word about the plight of sharks worldwide. Did you know sharks are being overfished in many parts of the world, and many shark populations have declined by as much as 90%? Our oceans are dying, and when they die, so do we." This figure will make its debut in San Francisco at PangeaSeed’s inaugural transcontinental art exhibition, titled "Sink or Swim". The debut release is cast in beautiful crystal clear blue vinyl, unpainted, and is limited to 25 pieces. For those unable to attend the event, we will also have a limited number available on the Cometdebris website HERE for just $40... and expect them to sell out FAST!

Source[Cometdebris Press]

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