*REVIEW* Papertoy Monsters from Castleforte

Alright, so I know that this is long overdue as this book has been out for quite some time now, but we finally got the chance to flip through the pages of Brian Castleforte's awesome 'Papertoy Monsters' book! The book has 50 original papertoy monsters from 25 designers complied from all around the world... and I gotta say this book is amazing! Oh, it also has 10 blank templates to make your own monsters! The best part about this book is the ease of use as each model is perforated to pop out for easy construction... it tells you where to fold, and where to glue, and along with instructions each monster is named and has vital statistics and back story!
So you might be thinking this book costs a ton of money and that you will not be able to get one... WRONG! Thanks to the folks over at Workman Publishing, who published this rad book, they were able to keep it under the $20 mark making it accessible to everyone, and you can even find it cheaper on Amazon.com right now!!! So you can buy 2, use one to create the monsters, and save one just because it's an awesome coffee table book! Do yourself a favor and buy this book, and if you need some convincing, watch the above LIVE video review we did!

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