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Cookies-N-Cream x Argonaut Resins - "The Argo Dunks" resin Sneakerhead release!!!!

More resin news... and why not?!?!?! It looks like the fellas over at Cookies-N-Cream have teamed up once again with Eric from Argonaut Resins to release a limited run of what they are calling "The Argo Dunks". Originally posted HERE, these Argo Dunks are a set of handmade resin Sneakerhead pieces crafted by Eric "Nocella" Diaz (END) of Argonaut Resins and the first set of 5 Argo Dunks are: The Strawberry Dunks, The Grape Dunks, The Green Apple Dunks, The Icy Mint dunks and a very special one - The Afghan Gold Dunks.
These are all exclusive pieces and each come with the regular head of the figure as well as the DIY head. The Sneakerhead figure itself has not been released to the public at large so these Argo Dunks are some of the first pieces of the figure ever to be sold. Each piece measures 6" tall and is cast in a brilliant tinted solid resin figure... they are set to retail for $120 and each comes with a limited handmade custom Sneakerhead box. These sets will be available for sale via the CnC online shop HERE this Friday, August 26th 2011, and like mentioned above these are really limited so be sure to pull the trigger at the above date and time as they will be gone for good after that!

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