J★RYU x Brent Nolasco "My Drifting Heart" resin release and signing at Dragatomi during SDCC 2011

Both Jesse aka J★RYU and Brent Nolasco were on hand at SDCC 2011 to debut the release of their amazing resin collaboration titled "My Drifting Heart"! It was on display at the Dragatomi booth while these two super talented artists sketched and signed away for a few hours last Friday! The man behind the casting of this figure aka Dodgrr popped on in to say hello as well! These three artists were even talking upcoming projects... whoa slow down guys we can;t keep up with you now :-) Seeing this piece in pictures is one thing, but actually being able to get up close and inspect the piece in person, really makes you realize how much time and effort was put forth by everyone involved with the process! Hit the jump for even more pictures of the piece along with some shots of the guys doing some sketches!

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