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Up close and personal with Dunny 2011 - Full Series, with mystery figure info, and special Aya Kakeda Dunny

Wow... it seems as though it is a Dunny type of day, and this new Dunny 2011 series is looking mighty fine. In this post we are getting a look at pretty much the entire series... even a special Dunny (to the left) that Aya Kakeda designed called "Hole in the Middle" which is based off the new children's book by Paul Budnidtz and illustrated by Aya, and as luck would have it... he has a hole in the middle... cool! Both Paul and Aya will be at KRNY for the Dunny release along with said book signing! Onto the picture above... click on it to really get a close look at those figures, KR did a fantastic job with all the small details... shoot, that gumball Dunny who I think is by Mister Fame$'s actually has mini gumballs in the head... soooo cool! With packaging created by MAD, it's really minimal in nature and lends it's focus to the giant Dunny wearing bling around his neck! Now to the mystery build-a-dunny... upon further inspection of the packaging the little gold starburst reveals all that we need to know about this said figure "Secret mystery parts included! Collect all the KRONK bones and complete the set!" So from the sound of it, Kronk designed a possible skeleton type Dunny figure that is in pieces, and once you get all the pieces forms one larger figure! What a seriously cool idea and brings me back to the trading card days where you would have to match up the backs of cards to make one large image!

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