"GAMAN" figure from Sam Griffiths

The last time we had heard from artist Sam Griffiths was when we did the interview with him on his epic resin figure named "JURA" from Planet Domu... well today we are pleased to be bringing all the readers of SS.com a special 1-off custom that sam just completed for the upcoming "Kaiju For Japan" art fundraiser which is launching this Friday, April 22nd at 4:00pm EST HERE... and wow did he go all out! This piece titled "Gaman" resembles a walking alien like mountain where Sam says "Gaman is a collective term given to the organisms that populate the landscape of Planet Domu" (read the full background by clicking through). This beast of a figure started out as a sketch and ended up being 15" tall, made from super sculpey over an aluminum and wood frame. It weighs almost 6 lbs, and according to Sam took over 50 hours, and two trips to the doctor (for chest pains, panic attacks) to complete... crazy Brit :-) I'm not going to say all that work was worth his health, but boy did this turn out fantastic! Like mentioned before it's going up for sale HERE on Friday with 100% of the profits going to benefit earthquake and tsunami relief for Japan! Hit the jump to read the full story on this fantastic creation!

The story of Gaman:
Gaman is a collective term given to the organisms that populate the landscape of Planet Domu, Literally. Huge, living mountain mothers giving birth to the entire landscape of Planet Domu. The life cycle of a Gaman is a complex one that not only affects, but shapes the entire surface of Planet Domu. When the invaders came to the planet surface, Gaman’s began to rise from the earth in great numbers. Never before had the indigenous Womo’s seen such mass exodus of the Gaman’s. Clearly they were enraged by the hordes that were descending and waging war upon their peaceful lands.

Eternally linked through strong emotional bonds, the Gaman are constantly aware of all that transpires above the ground in which they dwell. When a great disturbance is felt, the Gaman will heave their ancient bodies to the surface in order to save the lands that rest upon their colossal shoulders.

In a mass evacuation, the Gaman have risen, and with their rising the landscape of Planet Domu shall forever be changed. As the battles rage and great swathes of Planet Domu are lost forever in the fiery turmoil of an epic war, the noble Gaman press onward, out of the smouldering landscape and dust clouds of oblivion towards clear skies. The constant bombardment of their subterranean home only serves to galvanise their spirit and strengthen their resolve.

Now as the fields burn and the seas boil, the Gaman raise their heads and march proudly towards the great plains, their birth place, their origin, to dig in and face their foe with the courage and determination of the mighty gods they were born of.....

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