J★RYU's "Winter's Bloom" custom Qee

Just when you thought the Qee's were done being posted tonight, we just had to sneak one more in... and this one is by the super talented J★RYU! This piece titled "Winter's Bloom" features the gnarled wood texture that Jesse has been perfecting for the past year, as well as some new elements such the skeleton on top of the Qee, and the pastel sculpted rose... a nice delicate touch to a seemingly morose subject... in which Jesse describes in the story: "Lost in the woods, weak and alone, Valeria so very much, wanted to find home. She found a safe place, laid herself down, and deep into slumber, she left without sound...But even in death, her soul could not rest, until she inhaled, just one more sweet breath... And thru her resolve, by the light of the moon, her spirit grew forth, as this winter's bloom..." This piece was on display at the Toy2R NYC♥QEE Toy Fair Preview Party at Yoyamart, along with many other fantastic pieces as well and created quite a commotion amongst all that were on hand to view it. Great work once again Jesse!

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