Chris Ryniak's new "Bubblegut" resin figure

What's been in the works since November of last year, and based off his painting that he did for MPH's “This Could Get Ugly” (picture on the left) solo show, Chris Ryniak is happy to announce his latest leap from 2D to 3D with 'Bubblegut'. This little guy - snaggle tooth and all - is made of rotocast-resin, and as Chris put it he sits "5.5" tall of cake-eatin' goodness". They were originally sculpted by Chris, then passed over to the folks over at Circus Posterus where, as I type this, are being produced right now! As it stand right now there is no firm release date or run number, but look for these to drop in 2-3 months time with the possibility of some showing up as exclusives at Chris' 3 person show dubbed "Monsters and Misfits" which opens on April 12th, 2011 in Japan!

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