Alien Argus customs from Cris Rose, Skinner, Plaseebo, and Prometheum5 for T.A.G. show

As the upcoming Alien Argus Group Show at Toy Art Gallery is getting closer to the opening night 2/26/2011, we here at SpankyStokes.com will continue to post up entries into this show... and today we have some really awesome ones to show off! First up is the master-craftsmanship of UK based artist Cris Rose as he transformed his Alien into a cyborg of types, mixing in robotic parts from 3A figures and found objects... this is one sweet custom. Next up is the work of Bob Conge from Plaseebo as he used the top half of the original figure and attached it to a custom resin squid like body... I wouldn't be surprised if this has a patented Plaseebo LED unit inside it :-) Onto the more traditional approach of kaiju customization as both Skinner and Prometheum5 but their artistic talents to work giving these figures some seriously sweet paint jobs... both really unique and super eye catching! This show is going to be seriously EPIC... don't miss out!

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