Sprogs 'Edition B' by Cris Rose 01/19/2011

Seeing as this series of Sprogs has been delayed for months now... in fact they were supposed to be out in November before Edition C, but got delayed due Cris's focus on the Metallic Machinations show at Toy Art Gallery... 'Edition B' of his Sprogs is now ready to release and this series includes all 6 versions including Reticle, Reason, Roche, Reflux, Rockford and Rue. This edition of ice blue resin robots measure 2.5" and are all hand made by Cris and will be released on January 19th, 2011 at 18:00 London time via Cris's online store HERE for $35 a piece. These will be sold via blind box with the exception of 3 Sprog sets at $95 which include the Lab Pack (Reticle/Reason/Reflux) and the Wall Pack (Roche/Rockford/Rue).

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