5" Mini Qee Collection - The Full Reveal....

We have been revealing the new 5" DIY Qee collection for the past few weeks now... knowing full well that Toy2R had a few designs up their sleeves to show us, and today is day! Seeing as we are just about two weeks away from the release of the highly anticipated 5" Mini Qee Collection, Toy2R USA drops the full reveal to the world today! The complete crew is made up of Toy2R's iconic BEAR and BUNEE character as well as the our mascot, the TOYER. Joining them in the release are MON, KITKAT, PIGEE and SPRAYEE!! The seven make up the complete DIY collection that will be dropping in February. Each 5" scale Qee comes with easily removeable Head and Arms making customizing a breeze! While this is the first time that these characters will be released in the new smaller scale - Sprayee is one of the more sought after pieces. With a Spray Head, this is only the second time this character has been released in DIY form. The first being the 3.5" Baby Qee Scale. And just like its younger and smaller cousin, when you shake Sprayee, you'll hear the classic spray can sound - making this a must for graphitti fans and artists!

Source[Toy2R Press]

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