TaskOne and Kat Brunnegraff's customs for the "Nimbus" toy show 12/11/2010

Blamo Toys will be unveiling 30 new custom figures as a part of their 2nd annual custom toy show which opens tonight, December 11th 2010 from at Million Fishes Galley in San Francisco from 6-11pm! Today we are getting a look at two different customs from artists TaskOne and Kat Brunnegraff. Task took the figure and gave it a little twist... titled "Subterranean Homesick Alien", his homage to Radiohead, he removed the lightning bold and replaced it with an energy beam as though this E.T. is being beamed up... oh and it actually lights up! Next up is the always painterly skills of Kat as she took her "Night Walker" them and electrified him really utilizing the already awesome shape of the Nimbus figure and adding tons of blues and dark hues through her piece. Great job done by both of you!

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