Zam and Ian Ziobrowski's custom Dunnys for "The Almighty Dunny Show" on 12/11/2010

Going down TODAY, Saturday, December 11th at Halcyon in New York from 7pm to 10pm is the "Almighty Dunny Show" which is being put on by Genuine Artikle, and above we are getting a visual treat from both Zam and Ian Ziobrowski as they regale us with their submissions for the show... and wow do they look fantastic. First up is an amazing 8" "Zamuria" Dunny by Zam that is decked out in a meticulous paint job along with one sweet sword!

Next up is a full series of custom 3" Dunnys from Ian Ziobrowski as he continues to explore and create characters in his Nugglife series. this set has a DEA agent, UK copper, drug dealer, farmer and even a grow house! I can't wait to see more custom Dunnys and pictures from the opening and if your like me and want more... sign up for the preview list, just email GA to be placed on it via Info@genuineartikle.com.

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