"SOLACE" custom 20" Qee by J*RYU

Today we are getting a look at the amazing custom 20" Qee titled "Solace" by J*RYU! He once again tackled a once lifeless piece of vinyl and turned it into a dark masterpiece, utilizing the shape of the Qee to form an awesome cathedral that contains a pipe organ, stain glass window, organist, and the gnarled wood texture that we have seen in many of his pieces! This was created for the "Qee to the City" group show at Art Basel 2010 in Miami, and was made with magic sculpt, super sculpy, metal, wood, pouring medium, and found objects with a set of self powered speakers built-in to blast some tunes!

About "Solace":
"The Forest of Sorrows can be so terribly unforgiving for its denizens, as they wait an eternity for a respite from the sadness. Fortunately for them, the monolithic tree "Solace" serves as a temporary haven where they can take comfort in knowing that they have not been forsaken. You can often hear Fredo, the groundskeeper pick out a tune or two on the massive pipe organ within Solace. He loves Black Sabbath."

Miami’s Independent Thinkers | ART BASEL 2010
Casa Wynwood (2135 NW 1st Court)
Time: 4:00PM Thursday, December 2nd

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