Robert Lazzarini puts his own "Twist" on Kaws' Companion figure

So... I have been digesting what I have seen lately, holding back a post to make sure what I wanted to say came out alright... all of this being said the latest figure release coming from Kaws is a collaboration with altered reality artist Robert Lazzarini as he took the Kaws Companion figure and gave it his own twist... literally. I really like the work that Robert does... but really, on a Kaws Companion... it really seems to cheapen the original and the fact that they made 3 separate sculpts and molds for each of the 3 different colorways is just crazy to me... might as well leave you OG Companion is a car during the summertime in Arizona and get the same result. These are going to release for around $180 each via KawsOne online shop HERE sometime in January... am I wrong to feel this way about this vinyl figure, and are you going to pick one of these up... if so please tell me why.

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