New versions of Lindsey Kuhns' "Destroyrrr X" resin robot just dropped!

Lindsey Kuhn dropped his Destroyrrr X figure last June, and now since the release he has created many different versions of this skull clad figure! All versions are extremely limited, in fact some are as limited to only 3 pieces all of which range in different color schemes from the red/black Destroyrrr X-1.5, to the lime green/gray Destroyrrr X-1.6... there is a colorway suited for everyone! Keep in mind this new series of hand-painted/crafted resin robots are meticulously painted by Lindsey, which will come in a custom silk-screened box along with a three color 12"x12" signed and numbered print by Kuhn. This figure is LARGE as well, standing at 9" tall and weighs 4lbs. Hop on over HERE right now and snag one of these up.

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