Foox's "The Elemental Badgers" in resin

A while back artist David Foox showed us a new project he was working on... at that time it was still in the planing stages and we got to see his design of "The Elemental Badgers" in a computer generated 3D from... well now this figure has taken shape and has moved into the resin realm and as you can see from the photo above this figure is in pure prototype form! Limited to a production run of 500 Elemental Badgers and in 5 colorways. Each Elemental Badger will be handpainted, named, and numbered by artist. Foox says that "The Elemental Badgers play upon the 5 elements of Nature (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Soul), the elements of the periodic table (noble gases, flammables, liquids, metals, etc) and the different branches of the military (Air Force, Rangers, Marines, SEALS, etc) - making each individual badger a work of unique meticulously crafted art." Thse figures stand 6" tall and will retail for $250 per custom Badger... which are slated for a early 2011 release.

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