The end is near for Soopa Maria...

Erick Scarecrow just announced that his most beloved figure Soopa Maria has had her time in the lime light and it's now time to pull the curtain. Started in 2008, and ending on 12/31/10, artist Erick Scarecrow will end the Soopa Maria series with the colorway that started it all... the Soopa Maria Grand Finale Warhol 18". This colorway is limited to 20pcs worldwide but due to demand only 5 pieces will be available for purchase. Each one comes hand-painted, is equipped with a 11" x 17" Soopa Maria Warhol giclee print, a unique 8" x 10" pencil sketch of Farewell Soopa Maria, and a mystery unreleased 6" figure by Erick Scarecrow. If all that is not enough, Erick is placing a metallic paint ball in one of the 18" figures, and whoever has THAT figure, they win a Soopa Maria Shiro. All of this for $1,000 and can be purchased on 12/31/10 at 12pm EST at the ESC-Ebay shop HERE, are you going to snag up a piece of history... best of luck to all that try.

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