2010 custom B.U.D. auction for charity

Looking for a rad Christmas present, and in turn be able to help those out in need... well, toy shop and gallery 'Toys in the Attic' launched an online auction with the help of many super talented artists as well as a cool donation of 8" blank B.U.D.S. from Jamungo to help benefit Toys For Tots. Each one of these customs is up right now HERE for auction with 50% of the sale proceeds going to Toys For Tots... heck even some of the artists opted to have all 100% of the proceeds go to the charity which helps bring toys to those children in need during Christmas time! The artist roster includes: Jason Goad, Bryan Collins, Jeff Lamm, ChuckU, Ryan Seitz, DC Ice, Punchgut, Jeremy Regan, Dan Springer, Steve Tenebrini, and Brock Davis. Click HERE and start bidding!

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