"Mr. Sparkle" custom Homer Simpson Qee by Mikie Graham revealed at Dcon

This last weekend at Dcon Toy2R unveiled its new DIY format the 8" DIY Homer Simpson Qee. To celebrate, Toy2R asked 7 customizers to work their magic on the new platform. Long time customizer and uber Simpsons dork, Mikie Graham from Blamo Toys was lucky enough to be asked to participate. Inspired by the Simpsons episode #175 "In Marge We Trust" where Homer finds a Japanese dish detergent box with HIS face on it, Mikie decided to create "Mr Sparkle" Homer... quite possibly the first Mr Sparkle figure EVER. Created using a combination of hand sculpting and airbrush painting techniques, this custom uses the figure's exaggerated form to its fullest. The figure's massive head is now a floating Japanese mascot spitting out his nonsensical catch phrase onto his pearlized slogan covered body. Mikie even went as far as to hand paint the hilarious "fish bulb" logo on the back of the figure, a truly geektastic "in joke" for all die hard Simpsons fans.

Mr Sparkle is a permanent part of the Homer Qee custom tour and will be traveling with Toy2R, showing at conventions and trade shows all over the world. Because of this, he is currently not available for sale but Mikie is always open for commission work. If you would like to talk to Mikie about re-creating this figure for your collection.... or any other custom ideas you may have, feel free to email him at: zombiemonkie@hotmail.com


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