"Lapin Qbiq Colorz" custom toys now available

The Dirty Cream just released thirty custom toys on their online shop & gallery stemming from the "Lapin Qbiq Colorz" exhibition and now that they are home from their tour of more than year through all of France, they are now up for grabs HERE! This platform is a silly one, and is really not to my liking, but what the artists did to them is AWESOME, and I thoroughly enjoy each one! These custom toys are unique and exclusive artworks of French artists including : ARF, BISHOP, DARKELIXIR, DARKIMEY, JOSH Delkographik, EFAS, LADY SHOVE, LOIELPARTOO, MACFLY, MAHON, MATE, OCBEY, OSMOZE, OSTER, PLOT, SHADE, SIXO, TAN-KI, and many more! The Lapin Qbiq (7") is the first toy "Do It Yourself" imagined by french designer FAKIR. Each custom is available for only $130. Check em out on www.thedirtycream.com!

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