Kill! & Rustedhalo @ Designer-Con 2010

This year the Rustedhalo/KAIJUX-3 booth will be #404 at Designer-Con, and these 2 artists are bringing their "A" game with all kinds of special releases including KiLL's special "DARK DETECTIVE" Tentapuss plush. This 6" Tentapuss is dressed as his favorite detective, and are set to retail for $10 each. Next up is the "GOLDEN GLORY DROID" bootleg, where this figure is a tribute to a famous vintage error card showcasing a certain droid in all of his golden glory! These are hand cast resin and look sweet, set to retail for $25!

Also up is the debut collab resin figure by both KiLL! and Rustedhalo, as they have combined their talents to create "MUTANT CYLEK" which is a mashed up mutation of some sci-fi greats, limited colorway limited to 4 pieces and retailing at $40 each! Not to mention some rad t-shirts and a small custom run of "Kaibutsu No Nekos" and other misc items... stop by booth #404 and check it all out!

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