Color Ink Book @ Designer-Con 2010

Holding out until the very last minute... obviously to build anticipation is the Brothers Washburn and their amazing Color Ink Book booth #218 at Designer-Con this year, and they just announced that they will be releasing a new Lurker figure from Skinner called the "Arctic" edition! This 6" tall resin figure is blue and white with red eyes and is 100% GID, and it will be limited to only 15 pieces!!!!! They will also be dropping pint-sized 2" Lurkers in an edition of 50 pieces with plans to take on your M.U.S.C.L.E. collection in a fight to the death, and along with these hard, ridgid, resin, releases they will follow up with some nice, soft, cuddly, EPIC neon plush Lurkers with plans on burning out your retinas and kidnapping your children.

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