"Ebi" monsters from Stiches & Glue - Made to order bundles of joy!

Do you love monsters as mush as I do... or should I say as much as Paul Vincett does, who is the owner/operator/creative genius behind Stitches and Glue, a monster making factory :-) where up until now Paul has been cranking out monsters at his specifications... Well now is your turn to take the driving wheel, change the color, the appearance, the shape... it's on you now, and keep in mind that theses custom monsters measure 10"x20", and are made from high grade faux leather, faux fur. With hand casted facial features and arm armature to allowing the monster to be posable. All the detailing is hand painted, with a great attention to detail... and now Includes claws! They also come complete with official Monster workshop dog tag and adoption pack which includes adoption certificate, story card and stickers! Are you ready to take that next step, and adopt this lovable beast... head on over HERE now and get crackin!

Also S&G is running a promotion until the international cut-off date of the 1st of December (for standard to the US) where is you spend over £50, you get a free mini lucky monster claw. how cute are those severed arms... who needs a lucky rabbits foot when you can have a monster arm, right?!?

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