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CreatureGeddon exclusive "Workshop Elves" by 'Stitches & Glue'... are awesome!!!

Like always, we rarely get to post about the stuff that Paul and his crew over at 'Stitches & Glue' because most of the time it's top secret movie stuff, but when the time does come -up, we jump on it... and releasing this coming Saturday, August 15th will be a collection of the amazing looking "Workshop Elves" as CreatureGeddon exclusives! Featuring "Rowney", "Gribble", "Mort", "Fitch", and "Louie", these hand crafted busts are so lifelike... it feels like they will just start talking at any given moment. "Behind our closed studio door we have a passionate team of makers that we'd like to introduce you too. They strive for excellence and pay meticulous attention to detail. These boys are happiest when they are busy, and have a fantastic bond and team spirit although will get a bit funny if someone makes a bad cup of tea." Being released online HERE as well as at the CreatureGeddon convention, these would make an awesome addition to any collection!

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