Cris Rose's Sprogs Edition "C" release on 12/1/2010

Just announced and releasing on December 1st @ 18:00 London time, Cris Rose is set to release his next run of custom resin Sprogs his is calling edition "C" or "C(hristmas)" seeing as tis the season, and they are a nice holiday red :-) There are only 15 blindboxes for this release instead of 30, and included in this run of 15 is a 1/1 Elf chase figure! These are going to retail via his online store HERE for $35 + shipping, or you can snag 5x Full Sets of 6 + 1 1/1 Elf chase for $210 + shipping!

Backstory on edition"C":
"New paint jobs are common place for Sprogs owned by businesses who serve the general public; be it at a shopping mall, leisure centre or fine dining establishment. On purchase, many are sold with a "Seasonal Package" which sees them all ushered into the back of a mobile fitting workshop a few times a year and autonomously given a fresh coat of paint to reflect the occasion. A popular option at Christmas time is the "Little Saint Nick" look, sporting bright red livery and little white beards. Some shop owners even go so far as adding tinsel, baubles and little sacks of presents, but this isn't recommended as it really confuses them."

"A less popular outfit is the "Snow Covered Elf", partly because most people prefer to see little Santas whizzing about the place, but also because the micro snow accumulators that are stuck to the body are an additional cost and cause them to leave little puddles of melting ice all over the place. So if you catch sight of a little Elf this season, consider yourself very lucky!"

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