Tracy Tubera's custom 20" Dunny for 'Art Assault'

We first saw Rotobox's awesome 20" custom Dunny (posted HERE) for the 'Art Assault' show during Art Basel, and now Tracy Tubera is up to bat with his sweet submission! Titled "Remy" this hard core Rock N' Roll Bad Ass is ready to fly down to Miami for the non-stop party scene! Rockin his Canadian tuxedo, handle-bar mustache, and American flag hankey... he is sure to be the life of any party, and according to Tracy this rocker "One night, after a killer show, lightning shot out of the sky and straight into Remy's soul. He was blessed by the God of Rock and given the the gift to SHRED on his guitar at BLINDING SPEED! With his brand new power, Remy traveled the land Rockin' peoples' brains out. The back of his denim jacket stating his mission & his life mantra... "Rock Out, with Your Cock OUT!". Stop by the venue to see this awesome piece in person!

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