Max & Zoe Bare | Amanda Spayd @ OhNo! Doom

[PRESS] OhNo!Doom Gallery presents three artists from Ohio; two extraordinary shows; all under one roof! The creepy and the cute, the antique and the nostalgic will all be on display in a variety of mediums including soft sculptures, paintings and photographs... be there on September 4th, 2010 to take in all the visual eye candy, as this show will attack your creative senses!

Bare Squared: The Art of Max & Zoë Bare
“Bare Squared” is a collection of collaborative works by siblings Max and Zoë Bare. Drawing from their own experiences, they create collaged narratives that explore sibling relationships and make comparisons between events in time, fantasy and reality, and different families.

Bedtime Stories: The Art of Amanda Louise Spayd:
Cute and creepy, stained and lovable. Snaggle-toothed, wide-eyed soft sculpture from the somewhat addled brain of Ohio artist Amanda Louise Spayd.

OhNo!Doom Gallery
1800 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

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