Gumpy at SDCC 2010... and how to win one!!!

Who's up for another amazing reason to attend SDCC 2010... well not that you really need reasons other than it's just a ton of fun to go, but this stuff is like icing on the cake!

Jose Reynoso's "Gumpy" figure will be wandering the isles of this years Con, actually "Gumpy" will not be wandering... it's Jose that will be doing that part... all you need to know is that Jose will be wearing his signature "Nacho" Gumpy t-shirt, just like the picture above. If you see him, don’t think twice about chasing him down as you may have a chance to win one of these awesome figures, but do keep in mind that there are VERY FEW figures available... when they’re gone, they’re gone. So keep them eyes peeled, and may the best man/woman/child win!

Source [KollectibleKulture]

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