Ganmetall Celsius Show Custom: J*Ryu

Artist: J*Ryu
Platform: Celsius
Medium: Sculpy, wire, hooks, acrylics, and one wild imagination!

Jesse aka J*Ryu has been really taking hold of the custom vinyl scene with his over the top, amazing sculptural pieces. his latest submission is for the Celsius custom show this weekend and it's titled "Le Jardin De Meddy" or "The Garden of Meddy". The overall concept takes many cues from the Garden of Eden story. Jesse's approach to customs is to usually turn the piece around, break it down and try to deconstruct the form in interesting ways... which is a really cool way to tackle a piece. The great thing about custom shosw is you get to see all kinds of diffrent ways each artist interperts their given piece, and Jesse did just that... sculpting this pretty much from scratch... but if you look close that Celsius is still in there, pretty rad! Come on out to see this piece in person at T.A.G aka Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles on July 10th, 2010 for the Ganmetall Celsius Show!

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