"Welcome to the Forest" a group art show...

WELCOME TO THE FOREST is the introductory exhibition that will launch Orlando Florida's newest contemporary art gallery & project space... The Neon Forest Gallery. This show will feature an inspiring collection of paintings, sculptures and installations created by an unprecedented collective of urban contemporary and mixed media artists from around Central Florida and across the United States.

WELCOME TO THE FOREST features art work by:
Jesse Reno - Doug Boehm - Nick Gazin - Robert Bellm - Levon Jihanian - David Chung - Andrew Spear - Johannah O'Donnell - Brandon Dunlap - Dustin Orlando - Mat Curran - Parail - Dubelyoo - Dres13 - David Hoskins - Scott Donald - Brandon McLean & Sean Hartman

The NEON FOREST is Orlando's newest hub for art, sub-culture, design and education. Specializing in monthly art exhibitions and installations by local and nationally recognized artists. They will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, as well as provide a venue for contemporary art and design projects in Orlando and across the U.S.

Source [Neon Forest Press]

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