Ganmetall Celsius Show Custom: Marine of My Tummytoys

Artist: Marine of My Tummytoys
Platform: Celsius
Medium: Acrylics, sculpting medium, and a tore up Jouwe figure :-)

Getting down to the wire and there are so many more artists to feature for this upcoming show... not to mention my own :-) but now we get a look at Marine of My Tummytoys submission for the custom Celsius show going down on July 10th at T.A.G aka Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Marine took his awesome Jouwe figure and totally adapted it to fit the profile of his Celsius piece and the end result is a hybrid "Jousius" figure hahaha, oh well I tried. This really turned out fantastic and looks super clean, almost production like, and I bet this piece just shimmers in the light with that high gloss finish. Awesome work man!

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