Ganmetall Celsius Show Custom: Kevin Gosselin

Artist: Kevin Gosselin
Platform: Celsius
Medium: Apoxie Sculpt, Polymer Clay, Wire, acrylics, and some serious TLC!

HOLY SMOKES, talk about hittin one outta the park. Artist and designer Kevin Gosselin continues to impress any and all that see his artistic abilities, this being the case with his latest custom for the upcoming T.A.G custom Celsius show as he completely transformed this once blank white vinyl toy into what he is calling "The Sky Warrior" and a Kevin so eloquently puts it "He's landed from a crazy dog fight, torn off his helmet and about to throw down with the enemy. Watch Out!". I love the fact that he redid the stance of this figure and added the head sculpt along with the amazing body accessories... another great part about this custom is the usage of the OG Celsius head as the helmet! Come on out to see his piece in person at T.A.G aka Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles on July 10th, 2010 for the Ganmetall Celsius Show!

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