Ganmetall Celsius Show Custom: James Groman

Artist: James Groman
Platform: Celsius
Medium: Acrylics, resin, cloth, and one ferocious appetite!

Well it looks like it's James Groman hour here on SS.com, seeing as we just posted up his awesome "Zombot Ghoul" resin figure... and now we get a look at his entry for the upcoming custom Celsius show at Toy Art Gallery. James used his love for classic horror flicks as inspiration for this piece as it is based off the 1984 classic C.H.U.D. or Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers! The figure is spot on to the mutant creatures, from the wrinkled skin, the gnarly teeth and the yellow eyes that actually glow in the dark... awesome, I particularly like the pool of slime/water he is standing in, great work! Come on out to see this piece in person at T.A.G aka Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles on July 10th, 2010 for the Ganmetall Celsius Show!

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