Chris Ryniak's custom Celsius for the Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show @ T.A.G. on 7/10/2010

...and it begins! The onslaught of custom Celsius' for the upcoming Kuso Vinyl X Rotobox Vinyl X SpankyStokes.com first ever Celsius custom show in the USA! I am really pumped for this and what better way to kick off showcasing these amazing works than by Chris Ryniak's submission for this show. Chris always does an fantastic job turning an inanimate object into something alive, with a lil bit of creepy/cute spun into it. The laid down texturing of this creatures skin, the amazing dental work, and even the wrinkles on the fingers... it doesn't get much better than this IMHO. Come out to see this piece in person on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 at T.A.G (Toy Art Gallery) in Los Angeles. This is going to be a fantastic custom show with music, giveaways, and a ton of artists on hand at the event.

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