Tim Tsui "Da Space Warrior" Dunny teaser

Posted up on the KRonikle is a teaser at an upcoming 8" Dunny designed artist Tim Tsui. Now we did some diggin and found a very similar looking design that he did on a Munny for Kidrobot's MunnyWorld exhibition. I am thinking we can expect something very similar in design this coming June. Now is it just me or does this close up on the face really do this an injustice, the line work on the face does not look too clean, and there is some noticeable overspray, I hope this is just an artist proof. This another 8"er that will set you back $75, and these are going to released in a very large quantity 1000 to be exact. What are your thoughts on "Da Space Warrior"? This is not for me, but I am sure others are freaking out right now :-) I will personally stick with Tim's amazing Da Minci figures!

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