Coney Plush by Candykiller & Bigshot Toyworks

We posted about this plush back in August of last year, and come to find out these have been several years in the making, and were long delayed by a severely flood-damaged factory facility in China... but now Brian "Candykiller" Taylor's awesome Coney plush is ready to find it's way into YOUR home!

Produced by Bigshot Toyworks each 14" tall Coney is made of high-quality canvas, and screen-printed with Candykiller's stellar "Coney" character artwork. The base is weighted, allowing the plush figure to stand on its own! A color version will be available through retailers, while a super-limited Mono version is will only be available direct from Bigshot Toyworks online store HERE! There is also a great looking "Coney Cloud" which measures 14" around, and is full embroidered on both sides. The red Coney and Coney Cloud plush figures will retail for $30.00 each, but if your diggin all of them the only way to get the mono version is to pull the trigger at the $100 mark HERE... which you will get all three.

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