Free Goodie Friday 4/2/10 on SpankyStokes.com

Here we go again, another Friday... and another awesome giveaway, and once again a huge thanks to the great peeps over at Kidrobot for donating this Kozik themed prize package for all you readers and supporters of SpankyStokes.com! We really do appreciate you all, and this is just one way to show it! So today one lucky randomly picked winner will walk away with 4 x 1" Kozik Rippers Zipper Pulls, 3 x Mongers Filter Kings Mini Series, 1 x Kozik's 5" Corpsman Labbit, and 1 x Kozik's Wilson Plush 8" Grumpster Edition... you get all of this FOR FREE just by leaving a comment below, telling us what figure you want to see Kozik make next with a cigarette sticking out of it's mouth, and why... and just like last time you can also earn ONE additional entry by using your Twitter account and entering this text "Free Goodie Friday over at SpankyStokes.com http://bit.ly/6dq1b1 thanks to @KidrobotRules #SSKOZ PLS RT to enter!" You can just copy and paste the above quoted text, without the quotes of course :-) Good luck to all that enter and thank you for your continued support!

Thanks to all that participated... we had 123 entries in a 15hour period... you guys ROCK HARD!!!! Congrats to JimboJones1 he is the lucky winner of this prize package... but don't fret if you didn't win... I got another giveaway ready to go, so keep your eyes on SpankyStokes.com, and thanks so much again for participating!

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