"Carnies" Mini Series from Brandt Peters

The skies darken, the wind howls, and you’re drawn to the eerie carnival inhabited by the Carnies, created by Brandt Peters. Reminiscent of retro animation, each of the 13 carnies in this nightmarish mini-series, including the two chases, stand at 3-inches and are colored in grayscale. Retailing for $9.95 each, Carnies arrive at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers on March 4. So the quality of these does look pretty suspect from the OG pictures up on the KRonikle... and I am hoping that they are just the test shots and not the final product because you can see some very prominent seam lines and messy paint on these figures... other that that they are really cool and I dig that the whole series is grayscale!

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