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"Handcrafted Vectors" by Abe Lincoln Jr.

"Handcrafted Vectors" is Abe Lincoln Jr's. new solo show opening up July 10th at Schmancy Toys in Seattle Wa. He has completed an entirely new body of work for the show and he has been working on a new process that he is very excited about. This will be the first unveiling of that process.

is combining various techniques and tools from Street Art, wheatpaste, boards, and paint pens to create new collage/decoupage work. As you can tell from he above previews these definitely have a unique style to them. This series of work references Animism, Fertility Symbols, Mythology and Advertising as well as a healthy dose of patented Abe Jr. potty humor. Everything was created specifically for the show and is priced to be affordable for everyone. You can check out Abe's Flickr for more previews and also prices on the pieces!

Also to note, Bwana Spoons will also be at Schmancy the same night signing books for his "WTF Book Tour" so be sure to get a load of the double header of goodness.