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Stefan Bucher's Daily Monster #81

Stefan is a super talented artist, and a super cool guy to boot! You can now follow all of his updates via his Twitter profile HERE, not on Twitter yet? Get a move on!

From Stefan's Blog:
Monster 79 has surprises up its sleeve. Or up its pants, as the case may be. And I mean that in an entirely G-rated hydraulic sense. But he's clearly annoyed, this one. Not exactly furious, certainly, but not a happy camper, either. What's his beef, do you think? And what's he mumbling there at the end? Who is he talking to? Is he telling the truth? Is he dissembling? Opining? Or is he a gruff poet of science? A Byron of the Bunsen Burner? A Petri Dish Pushkin? And if so, how does his particular ability to go vertical affect his writing? If, indeed, it does? I know you've got stories that want to find their way out of your head and onto this page. Today

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